Therapeutic Healing by Cindy (Rowland) Wilson



The body constantly offers us valuable information in the form of sensations, feelings, and emotions. In my 20 years' training and experience, I have learned to listen through my hands and inner wisdom. It is my intention to reunite and facilitate your body and mind's ability to release deeply held restrictions and memories. I have found using Myofascial Release and CranioSacral Therapy modalities is a unique way to help turn down the volume of the world around us and tune into our inner awareness. Listening to our body is one of the best tools to reduce stress. In the moment, we can listen to the inner wisdom which each one of us possesses, and guide the body into healing itself.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Cindy Wilson 



"The caring heart takes action willingly.

It reaches out where pain exists and bears witness.

It supports.

It does not ask why.

It simply does whatever is necessary."

                      -Arlene Stepputat 

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